Carrier Partner- Lightower

Lightower has been in the fiber networking business for over 10 years and has developed one of the most robust, dense, and reliable fiber networks in the country. With over 6,400 route miles of fiber, over 650,000 fiber miles, and over 2,800 buildings served, Lightower offers unparalleled regional density, performance, and reliability in the Northeast.

Lightower offers a state-of-the-art, all-fiber network with unparalleled reliability and density throughout New England, Metro New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley. Lightower can connect or custom build fiber solutions to almost anywhere in the footprint. Geographically diverse routes from many other carriers enable protection for critical communications.

The network is also strategically and diversely connected to financial exchanges, carrier hotels, data centers, and other critical interconnect facilities.

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