Managed VPN Service

Increase Business IT Security with a VPN

Leverage the low-cost broadband infrastructure to enable full time VPN connectivity between offices and remote workers. Interconnect your offices and data centers over high speed Internet seamlessly and securely. Unify network access across your business to enable consistent, safe, and secure communications across heterogeneous network environments. Megatech managed VPN / managed firewall service can help you do all this and more. We handle all the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of hassle and worry free networking with centralized business IT security.

VPN Connections From Main Office to Home Office

Our managed VPN connection service scales with your needs and budget. Whether you desire to interconnect main offices at high speed or multiple home offices at broadband speeds we have the right solution at the right price. You can use your existing Internet connection and have VPN service running in a few days.

Business IT Security Made Easy

Megatech managed VPN service meets any technical or security requirements whether internal policy or a regulatory requirement. Your Megatech VPN connection can provide open access between all locations or diethyl controlled and audited access. Multiple IP addressing schemes are supported, including dynamic routing requirements and support for endpoints with the dynamic IP addresses typical of broadband connections. Data is secured using 256bit AES encryption, providing an even higher degree of information secrecy than private network circuits. Remote sites can be on broadband (cable, DSL, fiber) or business class internet (T-1, DS-3, Metro-E or above) and have static or dynamic IP addresses.

A Headache Free Managed VPN Provider

Megatech monitors and manages the entire VPN overlay network up to the equipment we provide. In the event of an outage our engineers will automatically diagnose the issue and take action as necessary, including contacting your Internet service provider or deploying new equipment to you via overnight shipping. On-site spares are provided for installations that cannot afford to be down in the unlikely case of equipment failure.

A Global Solution for Business IT Security

Our VPN service is as flexible as you need it to be, and is suitable for requirements large and small. Need a VPN connection cross country running at 100Mb or even 1000Mb? No problem. Have remote sites in multiple states or countries? No problem. Have an internet connection already? No problem. We will just provide whatever remaining pieces required to get your VPN services running. Megatech can provide all the network services required, from fiber optic circuits, to Internet backbone connectivity, and the client premises equipment. It's that easy. Contact us now for a free consultation and quotation.

Unbelievably Low Cost for a Managed VPN Service Provider

You pay a low monthly fee and one time setup charge. Services start at just $50/month and include 24/7 monitoring and technical support. This is a limited time offer available to new customers only.



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Dynamic IP support eliminates the need for expensive static IP addresses, significantly reducing out of pocket cost.

Managed VPN can provide private or public IP addresses to remote locations, freeing you from the restrictions of port forwarding and other workaround.