Megatech Business IP Network

Network Coverage Coast to Coast

Our network reach extends thoughout the entireity of North America. Though our expansive and diverse set of carrier partners we are able to obtain last-mile access within every metropolican area and many rural and smaller cities as well and get you connected quickly and cost effectively. Over 15,000 commercial buildings and over 1,000 data centers and carrier hotels thoughout U.S. and Canada are already on-net, with more locations being added every year. On-net locations average a 30 day turn-up lead time, and extended-net location average 90 days.

Connectivity and Bandwidth Providers

Our public Internet connectivity incorporates multiple Tier-1 providers and direct internet connections. This allows bypassing of slower regional networks and shortens the path between you and your clients. With our topology designed in this particular manner we provide lower latency, unmatched speeds, and top-notch reliability. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported, and we also can provide transitional technologies to aid in your adoption of IPv6.

Network Equipment

Our network operates on industry-leading network equipment from Cisco Systems. We provide our clients with dynamic routing redudancy via OSPF, BGP, and HSRP. Redundant physical connections are also available for WAN, VPN and data center circuits. Whenever possible we prefer the use of ethernet based services, whether native CAT6 or fiber for in-building connections or Metro-Ethernet for wide area circuits. You can count of Megatech to deliver premier technology and 100% uptime for your business.

Network Redundancy and Dark Fiber Providers

To ensure 100% uptime, our network is configured with both physical fiber level redudancy and multiple backbone providers. In the event of a fiber cut data traffic is transitioned automatically to the remaining circuits, which have more than sufficient capacity to accomidate the new load. Performance impacting failures on any backbone network can be routed around due to our multiple route diversity. Geographic redudancy is used when appropiate to provide added assurance of continuity of service even in the event of a regional disaster.

Fastest Route, Less Hops, Less Latency

Most internet backbone networks route data traffic using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP is a network protocol that chooses how to send information through the Internet based upon the fewest number of available network hops. One challenge with BGP is that it does not take individual network quality or performance into account when making these routing decisions. Using BGP alone is not enough to ensure predictable network performance.

We address the performance shortcommings of BGP by the use of several network metric tools to determine the quickest and most reliable path to the end user. This is done by taking network samples using very small probes (UDP) across all available paths from our datacenter to the end user. Once the best path has been determined, the BGP routes are then manipulated to improve network performance. These improvements are done in real-time to allow for quick changes on an always changing Internet. The result is consistent end-to-end network performance for business critical applications.

Premium Services - Commodity Pricing

While bandwidth is a commodity - premium service and support is not. We have handpicked premium providers to ensure our IP transit networks always provide fast data transfers. Reliability and low latency is provided by multiple redundant routes to ensure the fastest times to reach any destination worldwide. Our network is designed to support latency sensitive real-time applications like voice and live streaming video with ease. By bringing together a portfolio of top tier providers we make the Internet connection process simple for our clients. Just choose Megatech.



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Managed VPN Service

Megatech network services are available almost anywhere in the United States at speeds of 10Mbps and above. Voice services delivered over Internet are available globally.