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Thinking of Moving Your Business to the Cloud?

Lately moving to the cloud is on every IT managers mind. While there is some confusion about exactly what "the cloud", the generally accepted concept is that the cloud provides scalability, performance, cost efficiency, and flexibility to IT operations without requiring the user to worry about how those goals are achieved. Whether a public or private cloud, VMware cloud technology, Microsoft Hyper-V, or an opensource alternative like KVM or Citrix XENsource, the principle behind the move is the same. Megatech Solutions has extensive cloud experience both as a public cloud service provider and as an operator of private cloud infrastructure. We can help you make your decesion as to whether the cloud is right for you, what services to move to the cloud, and when.

Small Business Consulting is our Sweet Spot

Business technology consultancy provides insightful analysis and problem solving. Megatech Solutions provides CTO level expertise combined with small business experience to help your company. As small business experts our speciality is providing big technology solutions that fit within small business budgets. Megatech IT consulting services creating advantage and efficiency though technology requires keen business insight and technical understanding. Small companies between 10 - 500 employees require additional understanding as to their particular challenges. Our business technology consultancy focuses on insightful analysis and problem solving and speaks the language of business and IT. The result of our efforts is advice and identification of practical solutions that leveraging IT to transform business operations, create opportunity, and increase profitability

Our Consulting Services are Available in New York and Beyond

Megatech Solutions operates as a virtual consultancy to increase our time efficiency and save our clients money. Today convenient video conferencing using Skype, remote desktop access via JoinMe, and a myriad of collaboration and file sharing tools allow us to do our effectively job regardless of our proximity to the client. Our approach is practical and is conducted by experts that have real business experience and are also hands-on technology experts. We provide grounded business advice coupled with practical technical solutions. Our technology recommendations range from "tried and true IBM blue" commercial solutions to the open source alternatives, depending on the clients goals, budget, and style. Deep understanding of technology enables us to create value at any budgetary requirement and clearly articulate the cost-benefit trade-offs of each approach.

Great Managers Value Our IT Consulting and Advisory Services

It's easy for managers to loose perspective when mired in the demands of day to day operations and fall behind in the rapidly advancing technology landscape. Too often the laggard position is noticed at the point the disadvantage is severe. As outsiders we can provide a new perspective free from internal politics and preconceived notions. Whether your team accepts or rejects any of our proposals, you'll still have the advantage of knowing where you stand in the technology of the marketplace.

We Have Comprehensive Experience Providing Consulting Services

Megatech can help you ensure your strategic goals are met while investments are maximized through new technologies. Our scope is as narrow or broad as you define, and our goal is to provide the best cost/benefit solution tailored to your needs. Our skill set includes cloud services, security, network, open source, system and busienss within an Internet technology context.

Leverage Us as Your Service Provider

With our vast in-house IT resources we are able to offer clients simple straight forward solutions to often vexing and complex business problems. Many of our clients find that after a consulting engagement they desire to continue the relationship long term by allow us to become a service provider and trusted partner. Let us put all of our capabilities to work for you. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.



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  • Open Source Enterprise IP PBX
  • Wireless ISP Network
  • RF Networks: PtP and PtmP
  • Enterprise WAN Network
  • WAN Bandwidth Optimization
  • Embedded Linux Device
  • Windows 8 Set Top Box
  • In-building 3G/4G Wireless Distribution
  • Wifi Network Optimization
  • Multi-site VPN Architecture
  • Multi-site Metro-Ethernet
  • Multiple Network Design Projects
  • Multi-site Data Replication
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Center Business Strategy
  • Open Source Software
  • Virtualization: VMware, KVM, Xen
  • Open source ZFS SAN
  • Cloud: OpenStack, VMware
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Low Latency Network / Cloud