About Us

Megatech Solutions is a New York based provider of business technology. We service clients across the country and across the world. We provide solutions that offer the best possible performance, reliability and availability. Our focus is on applying today's cutting edge network, server, and internet technologies to solve business problems and increase competitive edge.


  • Deliver total solutions
  • Simplify the complex
  • Eliminate finger pointing by assuming responsibility
  • Guarantee your satisfaction

The support we provided extends end to end... from your offices to our data center.

We use technology to solve business problems and generate revenue for clients on a one to one basis. Business requirements and technical know how are married to create the perfect union of business efficiency, productivity, and revenue enhancement.

Our solutions are multidisciplinary and draw from several technology areas. Our ability to merge these technologies into a fully integrated solution provides single vendor simplicity and significant added value for our clients. Solutions are delivered quicker, faster, and better, while also saving our clients considerable time, effort, and money.

We focus several areas around our core competencies:

  • Networking, Security, and Internet connectivity 10Mb - 10,000Mb
  • Datacenter hosting and colocation services
  • Cloud computing and server virtualization infrastructure
  • Open source software

Our mission is ensuring client satisfaction and business success. Let us work with you to turn your goals into reality.